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Connect to ZF Japan SCALAR EVO Pulse

*In addition to docomap GPS, docomap Eye and docomap Vehicle are available for vehicle location management.

Usage details
Dangerous Driving Behavior Detection

The SCALAR EVO Pulse enables real-time visualization of various trailer vehicle behaviors and displays the exact location and date of hazardous behaviors on the DoCoMAP screen. If the head vehicle is equipped with a drive recorder, this can be used to pinpoint and confirm the occurrence of the hazardous behavior. If the head vehicle is equipped with a drive recorder, it is also useful for confirming the occurrence of the hazardous behavior.

Real-time location information

With DoCoMAP, you can display and manage the position of vehicles on Google Maps. It is also possible to directly use Google Maps functions such as traffic information and street view.

Vehicle route tracking

By simply clicking on the vehicle icon, you can easily check the vehicle's route. Vehicle speed, axle weight, odometer, elevation, etc. can be easily displayed on the graph for confirmation.

13 months of vehicle tracking data

While displaying the trajectory of a vehicle on the map, you can also show a graph linked with speed and time when viewing past routes of a vehicle, which can be easily accessed from the calendar.

Vehicle route comparison

The routes of up to five vehicle can be displayed simultaneously. his makes it possible to improve the efficiency of vehicle travel routes and trailer usage, leading to improved turnover rates.

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