SR Advance Link
Datatec Communication-type Digital Tachograph
Main Features
Safe and Secure Driving Diagnosis

Safe driving is supported through a point-based driving diagnosis. In addition, SR Advance is equipped with a gyro sensor that captures the vehicle's turns caused by steering wheel operation, shows how the driver changes lanes, and shows how long it takes to make left and right turns.

The system is also equipped with a number of other safety features, such as a function to prevent reverse collisions and a function that automatically collects footage of "near-miss" situations.

Review dangerous behavior on DoCoMAP

Accurate behavior detection through the G sensor and vehicle speed pulse installed in the SR Advance enables detection of dangerous behaviors such as sudden acceleration, sudden deceleration, sudden swerving, excessive speed, and collision detection. In addition, when a camera is linked, video of dangerous behavior can be viewed on DoCoMAP at any time.

*Video display on DoCoMAP is currently under development.

Full HD high-quality camera

The front camera is a FULL HD 2-megapixel camera, and the interior camera is an infrared camera, allowing clear confirmation even at night. Since data is double-recorded as event video and constant video, you can check the video at any time when an event occurs, and you can also remotely retrieve detailed video recorded on an SD card for real-time safety management.

*Video display on DoCoMAP is currently under development.

Automatic report generation

Various reports are automatically generated based on data acquired by the digital tachograph. In addition to the daily transportation report and digital tachograph daily report (certified by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism], the system can generate the following reports: driving diagnosis, guidance, backup diagnosis, gentle acceleration diagnosis, operation status, restraint time management, and more.

*Some form are optional. For more information, please contact Datatec.

Link with docomapPLUS

docomapPLUS is a smartphone application that, when linked with DoCoMAP, enables real-time recording and management of vehicle operation with cloud-based location information. With SR Advance, the PLUS app and SR Advance button operations are synchronized, enabling the driver to record easily.