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Main Features
Location management

You can register and manage vehicle information to obtain location information and register and manage user information to use DoCoMAP. Additionally, you can configure viewing settings by branch, department, or group.

:Functions available with the docomapPLUS application
Vehicle statistics

You can check vehicle statistics going back one month. Total operating hours, total distance, number of operating days, as well as average operating hours per day and average distance per day are also displayed.

Geofence notification

When a vehicle enters or exits a circle registered on the map, it is automatically recorded and the data is stored in the cloud for one year.

My Map

You can register addresses on DoCoMAP and display them. Groups can also be created, which can be used for registering customers as well as registering holding areas and other information.

Vacant vehicle room オプション

You can register empty vehicles and view them on the map. DoCoMAP users can also share vacant vehicle information with other companies and branches, and multiple rooms can be created with restrictions on viewing.

Daily and monthly report creation

Automatic calculation of vehicle mileage and time, as well as restricted hours and late-night overtime hours based on the recorded operation status. This is useful for improving operational efficiency and labor management.

The system can also print out easy-to-understand reports of daily working hours, incidental work hours, mileage, etc., for easy management.

Operation summary

You can check the number of hours worked by PLUS users for the month in order from highest to lowest. This enables you to prevent long working hours and to comply with Japan's Improvement Standards Notification.

Schedule 2.0

Vehicle schedules can be registered and viewed on a map. The system can also register schedules as a group, which is useful for registering schedules for regular deliveries.

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