docomap アニメーション The animation shows a truck driving through the various places while being tracked by GPS DAL
Docomap app screen and Google maps icon
How DoCoMAP works for you

Together with Google Maps technology, DoCoMAP makes it possible to display real-time location information of trucks equipped with a GPS device. The easy-to-use user interface lets you know your fleet’s position accurately and instantly, allowing you to respond to your customers quickly, and deal with any urgent situations immediately.

Supply Chain Management

DoCoMAP was created with an open usage environment in mind. It is possible to freely share the position of your company's vehicles, and conversely, to display the vehicles of associated organizations on your company's DoCoMAP screen. For example, a shipper can directly confirm the vehicle position of the company that requested delivery. You can also control relay transportation between other companies using the location tracking features of DoCoMAP.

Supply chain flow diagram
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