docomap アニメーション The animation shows a truck driving through the various places while being tracked by GPS DAL

Manage vehicle location information with ease

Docomap app screen and Google maps icon
How DoCoMAP works for you

DoCoMAP is a vehicle location information system that uses GoogleMaps as its platform and can display information from GPS terminals attached to vehicles in real time.
It enables vehicle location management and driver management, and is effective for quick customer service and emergency response, as location information is known accurately and instantly.

Supply Chain Management

DoCoMAP is intended for an open usage environment. It is possible to freely disclose the location information of your own vehicles and, conversely, to display the location information of other companies' vehicles on your own DoCoMAP screen. For example, it is possible for shippers to check the vehicle location information of transport companies that have requested transport, or to control relay transport between other companies using DoCoMAP's dynamic management function.

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